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We provide your business with 240Lt lockable bins that keep you and your client’s private information safe. The bins are collected on a regular basis for one of our police cleared drivers and transported in vehicles that are tracked by GPS. To assure the security of your information our facilities are monitored by CCTV. We have a complete custody chain. Our Services are provided according to your needs:  

Bulk Paper Shredding

How it works

At our bulk paper shredding service, we understand that each client has unique needs and requirements when it comes to document destruction. That’s why we deliver tailored solutions based on the quantity of paper you require to have destroyed. Whether you have a large volume of paper to dispose of or just a few boxes, we can provide a solution that suits your needs.

Depending on the service you have selected, we will schedule your services, whether it’s on a weekly, monthly, or on-demand basis. We understand that each client’s needs are different, so we offer flexible scheduling options to ensure that your documents are shredded at a time that suits you.

Our shredding process is secure, and we guarantee that all your confidential documents are securely destroyed and recycled in an environmentally responsible way.

We are experts in secure document destruction. Once you have your certificate of destruction, you have proof that you have taken the necessary measures to comply with Victorian State document destruction regulations. Don’t take risks, shred with the professionals.

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Bulk Paper Shredding Frequently Asked Questions

How much do document shredding services cost?

The cost of our scheduled services varies depending on the amount of paper and the frequency of the service. However, if you don't require a scheduled service, we also offer prepaid bins. Click here to see our bin prices.

How secure are shredding services?

Shredding services are the best way to prevent data breaches and expensive fines. Once you have been provided with a certificate of destruction it serves as proof that you have taken care of the documents and the responsibility of the security of the documents rely on the agency you have hired.

What business documents should be shredded?

All documents that contain personal information such as names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mails. Also documents with bank statements or information regarding business performance.

How does Melbourne shred bulk shredding services work?

1. Collection – Police cleared personnel to provide collections and replacement bins as required.

2. Your secure documents are transported in a GPS-tracked vehicle to the nearest destruction facility.

3. Certified destruction – Documents are securely destroyed at a CCTV monitored facility.

4. A Certificate of Destruction is provided for your records.

5. Recycling – The shredded paper is mixed, baled and transported to one of our paper recycling partners.

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