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ORDER , You can order online clicking in order now button or calling us.
FILL ,You will have the bins on site to fill them for two weeks.
DESTROY , After Two weeks time from the delivery we pick up the bins and securely destroy your records.
hire shredding bin service


min 2 Bins max 2 Weeks


shredding bin service

A two weeks shredding bin service is a secure document destruction solution for business that need to dispose of large amounts of sensitive documents. No contracts one-off  service.

Starting with a minimum of 2 Bins for a maximum of two weeks to fill them. The service includes: delivery, pick-up, document destruction and certificate of secure document destruction.  

Our service guaranteed full custody of the documents, and the certificate serve as proof you have taken reasonable measures to securely destroy your documents and prevent data breaches. 

Our service comply with the requirements for private, commercial and government offices secure document destruction.

hire shredding bin service

$77P/Bin Incl GST

min 2 Bins max 2 Weeks

shredding bin service guarantees

Our 240Lt  wheelie bins are designed to the heaviest duty, they hold up to 6 Archive boxes p/bin. They have a lock to guarantee your documents are safe during the time they are at your location.

SINGLE shredding bin

document shredding bin

Do you need a single bin? We have you covered. click on learn more to discover how our single bin works.