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The latest survey of identity crime undertaken by the Australian Institute of Criminology showed that 25% of the people surveyed have been affected by Identity crimes.

More of the victims reported losses of around $4,000 on average and spending about 35 hours repairing the damages.

Because of this when disposing of confidential information you should be really careful, documents should be destroyed in a secure manner that guarantees no one can access your sensitive information. 

When you use professional shredding services to dispose of your confidential waste you are protecting your information from criminals.


25% of the people surveyed reported have been victim of identity crime.


Almost 12% of the people surveyed reported their personal information was misused in the previous year.

Identity thieve

Average out-of-pocket losses were over $4,000 per victim in 2019


Credit denial was the most common consequence of identity crime.

Our Home Confidential Waste Services Guarantee

Our shredding bags hold 16Kg per bag, with no limited time to fill them, for your convenience they are delivered to your preferred address, and picked-up when you are ready.

Don't occupy to much room

All the Staff are police checked

Vehicles are tracked​ by GPS

Confidential Facilities

Certificate of destruction

confidential waste bags

2 Confidential Shredding Bags $89 per packet

Each bags can hold 16Kg of paper, 32Kg of paper in total, the service includes GST, delivery, pick up, secure document destruction and a certificate of destruction

Home Confidential Waste Disposal


When it comes to secure document destruction, Melbourneshred is your best ally. Our secure document destruction services guarantee the confidentiality of your documents and protect you from data breaches and identity thefts.

& recycle


The bins will be transported to a secure facility for proper document destruction, where all the paper waste is recycled and transformed into raw material for the production of products like toilet paper, paper towels, etc.



You can easily book online or call us directly at 03 8685 9559, then one of our representatives will verify your order before processing your payment.

Home Confidential Waste Disposal


we deliver
& pick up
the bins

Then the bins are delivered to you. Once you have the bins, you will have up to 2 weeks to fill them, and then one of our drivers will collect them.

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