personal documents that need to be destroyed


When you’re done with your personal documents, you’ll need to know how to dispose of them properly. Here are a few tips:

Never throw your documents into the bin, Its not safe!

Shred any documents that contain sensitive information. This will help protect your privacy.

If you have any old tax records or other financial documents, be sure to shred them as well.

What types of documents you need to destroy?

If its has your full name and any contact details, just destroy it. This is the more simple and secure way to go. However, if you need a more specific way here is a list of documents you need to destroy:

  • Financial or other account numbers such as bills and statements
  • Legal or medical reports
  • Your signature
  • Bank or other financial information, including deposit slips, investment reports, and retirement account information
  • Expired credit and debit cards, identification cards, and passports

Document Destruction Methods

There are a few different ways you can destroy your documents safely. You can use a shredder, burn them, or tear them up into small pieces.

  • Home / office Shredder: If you buy a personal shredder, you need to buy at least a cross cut shredder. This type of shredder will help you to keep your information safe. Before going a head consider: how much paper do you need to destroy, shredding can be time consuming! After shredding the documents, place them into a paper bag and them throw the bag into the compose bin. Do not throw shredded paper into your garbage bin. Do not throw the paper direct into the bin. When you place the paper direct into the bin you are polluting the planet.
  • Hire a professional shredding service: great option if you can afford it, professional services for households keep your information safe and are easy to use. Professional services go to your home, and take care of everything. They give you a certificate of secure document destruction. You Save you heaps of time.
  • Burning the Documents: If you live in a metropolitan area this is not an option for you. You can burn your documents if you live in a regional area, but you may need a permission from your local council.
  • Tear your documents up into small pieces: use a hole punch to remove the sensitive parts of you documents and them tear the document into pieces. This is a good alternative if you only have a couple of documents. After shredding the documents, place them into a paper bag and them throw the bag into the compose bin.

How often you should destroy your private documents

Most people recommend shredding your documents every six months or once per year. This will help to keep your personal information safe and secure. Remember to keep your personal documents safe until you need dispose of them.