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To securely destroy documents, Melbourneshred keep custody of sensitive documents from the moment you don’t require them until their  complete destruction.


All the bins are Lockable, so documents are safe from prying eyes that can misuse the information they contain. 

To guaranteed the safety of your documents our vehicles are tracked by GPS, and all the drivers have passed national clearance. So your documents are safe until they arrive to our destruction facilities.

Documents are destroyed in our CCTV monitored facilities by an industrial shredder, reconstruction is impossible.

Once the process finish, we deliver a  certificate of secure  destruction.


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We deliver the bins to you. Once you have the bins, you will have up to 2 weeks to fill them, time after one of our drivers will collect them.


The bins will be transported to a secure facility for proper document destruction, where all the paper waste is recycled.

Secure Shredding Services


Lockable Shredding Bins

Our secure shredding bins are the perfect solution for businesses to shred.



Secure electronic waste disposal, we guarantee the security of your data!


Confidential Shredding Bags

Shredding services for individuals and small businesses that want to optimize their shredding budget.

Fines are expensive

Fines related to data breaches go as high as $400,000 for individuals and up to $2.1million for businesses

Prevent economic losses

Loss of money related to identity theft crimes was estimated to be close to $2.5 billion

Don't Takes risks

The most effective way to prevent this from happening to you is to secure your information

Identity Theft is a serious threat

According to statistics of the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC), Identity theft has an impact on the Australian economy that surpass 2 billion dollars.

Moreover, 1 in 4 Australians have been victims of Identity theft, and criminals may use stolen personal information to commit further crimes.

Secure paper shredding services

Police cleared staff

We don't take risks, all of our staff are police checked to guarantee that your documents are in the right hands.

Vehicles are tracked​

All vehicles used are tracked by GPS all the time, which means we know where your documents are all the time.

In confidentiality Facilities

Our facilities have been investigated and approved to the security level of “In Confidence.”

Complete Document destruction

Our shredding process is completely professional, the documents are shredded in tiny parts, then compressed and finally recycled, reconstruction is impossible.

Certificate Of Destruction​

When the secure document destruction is done a certificate of secure shredding service is emailed as proof that you have taken the necessary measures to prevent document data-breaches.

Shredding Paper Services Areas

We provide secure document destruction services in Melbourne metro and regional areas

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