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Electronic Waste disposal

Destroying your electronic waste is crucial in maintaining the privacy of your Business. While we use electronic devices more than ever, we hardly stop to think about how we should be disposing of them. Melbourshred offers E-waste disposal services with our

best ally Eshred

Which guarantees that your old electronics will be recycled and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.
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Why is it important to recycle old computer parts?

Old computers and electronic devices contain materials that are dangerous and can cause harm to humans and animals. Because of this, it is critical that electronic waste is recycled so it cannot pollute the environment or cause harm to animals and humans.

How secure is recycled E-waste?

Recycling e-waste might put your information at risk old devices contain sensitive information that can be used by criminals to engage in illegal activities or to steal from you. Even if you have deleted the information from the device, there is software that enables people to recover erased information

You may need to think twice before donating your old devices.

We are experts destroying
records in a safe way.

Our Lockable bins are the perfect solution for your business, and they are safe and affordable. We track them down from your office to our secure facilities.


Support the Australian economy, and we are not strangers. We are 100% Australian owned and operated, and we are committed to giving you the best and safest service at a fair price

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Our Home Confidential Waste Services Guarantees

Don’t wait any longer! We will resolve all your Secure Destruction doubts.

Office Lockable bin and pick-up service

One-off or scheduled secure document destruction service

Free Secure destruction Certificate

Privacy Act Compliance

We Will Look after your business security!

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E-Waste bin

Our standard E-Waste bin is ideal for companies that need to securely destroy their electronic waste. One 240Lt lockable bin for a maximum period of 4 weeks.

E-waste Disposal & Recycling

When you want to dispose of your old electronic devices the best alternative is to hire a secure e-waste service that guarantees not only recycling but secure destruction as well.

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We provide secure document destruction services in Melbourne metro and regional areas

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