Protecting the private information of your customers and business is not a laughing matter. However, from time to time we deserve to have a break and have a laugh, so we have done this recopilation for you to enjoy.

1. The love bird who shred to make herself a tail.

This little one is not happy about her tail, look what she does!

2. Tie Vs Office Shredder

Who said office shredders are safe? this man surely disagrees…

3. Manly paper shredder fail

This man has a shredder complex…

4. Seven years old borrows his father shredder

Working from home has its benefits but things can go wrong when your children play with your shredder…

5. The Office shredder scene

Just a classic scene  for you…

We hope you have enjoyed this little compilation, and please remember don’t use love birds to shred, shred with the MelbourneShred inestead..