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Bust office clutter the secure way

You know the scene: a desk littered with loose documents. It’s unsightly and unprofessional, but with
the rise of identity theft and corporate espionage it’s also a security risk.

Office clutter is more than just loose paper. Data on CD-ROMs and other media can also fall into the
wrong hands. You need a comprehensive service that can deal with both paper documents and digital

With a wide range of options to suit individuals or businesses, InterShred can help you bust office
clutter and ensure sensitive data doesn’t go astray.

Our services are scalable and flexible. We offer secure bags, archive boxes, 240-litre lockable
security bins delivered to and picked up from your premises, and media boxes for unwanted CD-
ROMs, tapes and other digital media.

Follow these additional tips to make your clutter-busting quick, easy and secure.

 Take stock. Before you throw anything away, take some time to ensure that you don’t throw
out something important. If there’s no good reason to keep it then get rid of it!
 Digitise. Digitising documents is the best way to save physical space, while keeping
important information to hand. Consider storing them on a cloud service like Drop Box for
easy access.
 Create a logical filing system. A consistent filing system for both paper and digital material
will make it easy to store and retrieve documents. For great tips on getting your filing system
organised visit this site: http://www.step-by-step-declutter.com/declutter-your-files.html
 Digital media. Don’t forget to ensure complete destruction of unwanted media. A CD-ROM
can hold the equivalent of thousands of paper documents.

Whichever MelbourneShred services you choose, you can be confident that all data, whether paper or
digital, is totally erased. At the end of the process, you receive a Certificate of Destruction, your
guarantee that all data has been completely destroyed.

Phone MelbourneShred today on (03) 8685 9559 to find out how easy and cost-effective secure
document destruction can be.

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